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If your domain is booked through a different domain registration service, and your site is hosted on Webberoo, you may transfer the domain management to Webberoo too. Both, your web hosting as well as domain management can be then easily managed through a single trusted service of Webberoo. You will be spared from the hassles of communicating with multiple providers to maintain your website.

The following are the simple steps to transfer your domain management from any existing provider to Webberoo.

1. Log in to your existing domain registration account, which may be through any domain registration service such as GoDaddy, or

2. Locate the “Domain Manager” or “Account Manager” option. Here, you will find a list of domains booked by you through the existing registrar, along with few details such as status and expiry date.

3. Most domain registrars keep your domains in a locked state, by default, for security reasons. In order to transfer, you need to unlock the domain through an option that’s provided in the Domain Manager.

4. Next, you select the domain name and click the “Forward” or “Transfer” option provided in the service.

You will be provided an authorization key that you must save carefully preserve.

5. Now, log on to Webberoo and browse to the domain section.

Here, you may be curious to know how much domain transfer would cost. Transferring a domain to Webberoo requires you to make a payment of at least an year’s domain booking fee. This means that when you transfer, the tenure of your domain ownership is extended by a year beyond its scheduled expiry, and not the time when you transfer the domain. Effectively, you are just paying an advance to renew the domain for a year, without any additional cost for the transfer process.

6. Within the domain section of Webberoo, you will be asked to provide your domain name and the authorization code.

Within few hours, your domain gets transferred from your old registrar to Webberoo. You will find the domain in your Webberoo dashboard when you login.

You must make sure that the nameservers in your Webberoo control panel point to the nameserver details of your host. If your site is hosted on Webberoo, this should be

If your website is hosted elsewhere, you will need to check the nameserver details with your host.

For your web hosting as well as domain management, you now have a single reliable service provider to count on. Hope you have a great experience managing your website through the one-stop service of Webberoo.

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